Prime Rib

Lobster Bisque

Prime Rib

An Experience

iAlive is an Idea, a way of Living, a way of Eating! A place of Comfort & Simplicity. We put that feeling into every meal we make. So when you sit down, it’s not just delicious & satisfying-it’s a bit of that comfort too! Because no matter what you do or who you are, you deserve to make the experience yours.

indoor dining

Enjoy Dinner in our Dining area.

Feel The Taste of iAlive

Fresh Seafood from New England. We have it all here for you to enjoy.

wine area full bar

Visit our full bar & you can enjoy a drink on the patio or inside iAlive to relax and enjoy with your dinner.

dine with us

you can find us in Rehoboth! Book your table now call us at 508-557-0839 and we’ll be happy to help!

where are we?

569 Winthrop Street,

Rehoboth, MA


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